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anyone here making calls (like face time calls), putting people on hold, showing the keypad, or going to your recents or contact list while you have the phone up to your ear on a call?

this is really showing itself more and more as i use the phone..like almost every time i am on the phone on a call!

i have a feeling the bar graph is too sensitive and the proxy sensor is doing most of the hang ups being the cause for this "antenna problem", Apple better come with a fix soon or they will be getting lots of returns! i called twice to apple and have the case numbers to show when they try to hit me with a 10-15% restocking fee...if they do. i would liek to exchange it but how do i know the new one wont have these issues?

now that the thrill on a new product is over the pretty screen and shaky ass 720p camera is becoming two "sowhats" when the phoen is doing what it wants while you are on a call and thats if you can stay on the call long anyway. what pisses me off is Apple is just sticking to their guns about nothing wrong, WTF?!

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If it is true I will be getting one in January. I hate my Crackberry Storm, it's like have a frozen icepick lobotomy performed by a ogre with palsy every time I try to send an email or log onto HC.

me too, but not if its a CDMA only phone. then ill just wait for the next iphone on verizon. actually, january is close enough to the next version to wait anyway

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So now there is a Teleprompter kit for the iPhone, i guess Obama will be getting his own iPhone soon..

"Ask not what Apple can do for you-ask what you can do for Apple",

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our texts, but the silence of our calls.”,

"I cannot swallow whole the view of Steve Jobs as the Great Emancipator.",

"Great Apps are programmed, not by strength, but by perseverance"

Prompt-It iPhone teleprompter perfect for business meetings, Internet cranks -- Engadget

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So it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, and just does...whatever?

When you're on a call and the phone is up to your ear, the screen turns active thus having your cheek open different shit (facetime,hold,keypad,etc) without you knowing that you are doing it. i think its because i am tilting the phone away from my ear just enough for the screen to come on while my cheek goes to town and does whatever, every other iPhone i had never was this touchy. the replacement is just as touchy with holding the phone and the bars going up and down..so i basically wasted 2 hours of my life exchanging phones for the same outcome..i'm an asshole LOL!

Maybe you're holding it wrong? :)

I asked the Genuis about the signal and bars, he told me to hold it and show him the bars going down, i replied "i know there is a Microcell/Repeater from AT&T installed at this store" and he just laughed then he told me not to hold the phone in anyway where i would make connect with the antenna break on the left side. i asked him if that is seriously his answer to a customer who waited in line after a preorder hell? he then replied with Apple Corp needs to fix and update the software but he doesnt know anything else and i just laughed then we both smiled..good times at the Orland Park Apple store always..even when they are sticking their foot up your ass and blaming you for standing the wrong way.. like i said i am an asshole!

Sounds like the proximity sensor is beeeleee proof.

no i'm just an Asshole, plain and simple! it has taken a shitty phone from a "we dont give a fuck about you cause you're holding it wrong, seriously its not our fault" company after staying up all night to attempt the clusterfuck preorder and then still waiting in line twice for a complete piece of shit..then exchanging it for another piece of shit..which is ok cause i'm an Asshole, i like shit, i spit shit, and everything in my life goes to the toilet...thanks Apple for showing me my shit stained ways! once they come with a software fix i'll forget everything wrong about them and later on buy more of their shitty products cause i'm just an Asshole!

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