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What did you do today?


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Unless those accidents are lightning-bolt related :D

Or deal with a person outside of a car being the other involved in the collision. The main point of those where they are putting them here is to increase foot traffic for idiots I personally have noticed don't understand the purpose of a crosswalk.

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How are roundabouts over there? Common? I know Europeans love em. In the States, they're fairly rare. I personally hate them, but they are definitely much safer than stop signs with regards to fatal accidents.

They are rather common and we even have tiny ones which nobody knows how to use. They are indeed much safer so they are the go-to solution for the urban planners here. One recent neighborhood has nothing but roundabouts on the main street and it's annoying to say the least. :palm:

Wasn't it Jeremy Clarkson who said that if you have a car accident on Iceland it's worse because you're bound to know the person in the other car?

Something like that. :P

Incidently plan C sounds delicious. What happened to it?

It was just a backup if all went to shit which luckily didn't happen. I will be making a huge chocolate cake tomorrow for one of the collages in the neighborhood so a lot of material will be used there.

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Have another kid, then you'll be able to look back on these as the good times! :P

Yeah, buck up Monkey. One kid is soooo easy! :D

That all terrifies me.

First day of work for me since the semester started (yesterday). Its kinda nice to have the campus full again, even though I know it means more work. Ah well, at least I am graduated. :)

I remember with extreme fondness returning to (college) campus as a student in the fall. September/October is when I miss it most.

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Wanna see what a 120,000 acre brushfire looks like from 45 miles away? The smoke plume is supposedly 15,000 feet high. We live in Venura County and this is in a city near Pasadena.

I'd absolutely believe it's at 15,000ft, based on what I saw from my flight into LAX yesterday morning.

I've seen a lot of CA wildfires, but never anything with a smoke plume that large and concentrated.

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