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What did you do today?


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Congrats Doug!

Great news Doug, I hope you enjoy your new studies ;)

Congratulations (prospective) Dr. Doug.


Congratulations Doug! Well done.


Doug, Congratulations!

:dan: Congrats, Doug.

I was sure that were in from prior leaked information, but congrats on hearing the official word Dr. Doug!

Thanks Guys. It's a big relief to hear it. I go from limbo to liminality now, just to throw some anthropological vocab about.

We shall call him IndeeDr.


Awesome work, Doug! Way to avoid the workplace for yet another year!

Another 4 really. Although I'll be doing my fieldwork in the workplace and certainly get roped in to helping out the sucky 1st year undergrads too.

Run. Away. Fast.

I never run, nevermind fast. Too much effort.

Paging Dr. Haggis, paging Dr. Haggis.

Dr Haggis has been assaulted by some neds! we've got a battered Haggis here people!

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Duggeh Congrats on getting into the PhD program. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I got mine.

Essentially had a great time until the last two months which without fail suck because actually writing your thesis is a PITA.

Pile higher and Deeper :basement:

I spent the day "discussing" with a bunch of other PhDs about a US Navy research program.... fun fun

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