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The bass adjust is odd. It doesn't sound like it gives a bass boost, it sounds "thick" at the lowest setting and just seems to fill in with bass as you turn it up. Strange and hard to explain.


Precisely how I feel! It doesn't give me an increasing sub-bass boost starting from a lean sound like I expected, it just fills up a space that's kind of empty just below the thick mids. Not exactly how I envisoned it or how I would have ideally liked, but that doesn't detract from the great earphone that it is!

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I've just received TTVJ's newsletter announcing the Universal fit Roxanne IEM, which still hasn't been displayed at JH's website. I wonder if anyone can provide listening notes of them, or of other TOTL JH IEM in universal fit format, to get an idea of how much performance could be lost. For me, living on the other side of the Pond, it's absolutely unpractical (besides my own considerations against custom fit thingies) getting custom fit units, so these universals seem pretty interesting. Kind of expensive, yet doable. Anyone? Please?

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How much better is the Roxanne to the original 13 pro?  Thanks guys.


I compared the two for several days before handing my original 13s off to a friend for reshelling.  Here's what I found:


1. The Roxannes are largely brighter.  That's not to say they're bright.  But the 13s seemed almost impervious to sibilance.  I think the Roxannes give it to me when it's in the recording.  I did hear some hi hat type noises that were louder on the 13s.  That surprised me, and suggested that not all of the treble range is more pronounced on the Roxannes.

2. The Roxannes' bass reproduction is clearly superior.  When set to neutral, I haven't yet noticed a frequency bump.  When comparing it to the LCD-2 bass, I found performance to be equivalent.  That's quite an achievement.

3. Relative to the 13s, there's an added sense of impact.  Perhaps this is a freqphase enhancement?  There's a softness to the 13s.  I don't know how else to describe it.  The Roxannes don't have it though.  They sound relatively sharp and focused.

4. Front and back layering is the most significant improvement for me personally.  The Roxannes separate "in front" and "behind" sounds the 13s couldn't.

5. As expected, imaging is improved.  The soundstage is surprisingly coherent. 

6. The previous five points add up to a significantly more detailed set of IEMs.


Before the 13s came out in 2009, I had UE10s.  The performance gap between those two was enormous.  I don't know that the gap between the 13s and the Roxannes is quite as large.  But subjectively, I'd say it's fairly close.  In other words, it's a big enough jump that I didn't feel any buyer's remorse after hearing the Roxannes.

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Are there Roxanne Universal owners here? Can you comment on review below at moon-audio claiming regular tips fit on the Roxanne? I thought Roxanne needed wide hole tips.



I want to buy universals and I'm not worried about them falling out. That's impossible if you hook the memory wire around the top of your ear. I think people not getting a secure fit do not know how to use universal memory wire. I also like how the universals protrude from the ear and show off the fact that they have twelve drivers.


My only worry is getting the right tip.

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The Roxanne is part of the Siren SERIES... If I recall correctly. Unless they are coming out with on ears and portable non-iems or DAPs or JHA branded nachos, I figure it's pretty safe to say there will be another IEM. Not necessarily a replacement, but an addition to the line.

That is what people here infer from the word "Series" because we paid attention to our vocabulary words in elementary school.

If we know we can't say, I'd we don't, see above.

I need to go post in the drinking thread now.


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