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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Feel better Marc.  It must be the season for "fun", because I am having hernia surgery at the end of this month.  I have been meaning to get it done, but last summer was no good, and a week's worth of sub plans are a pain in the ass during the school year.


Oh, and while painting the bathroom, the roller tray slipped off the toilet (with my back totally turned painting) and spilled about 1/3 gallon of expensive semigloss paint on the brand new toilet, bathroom tile, and grout.  It was a pain to clean up, but I was glad that we chose large glossy fake marble tiles, as I would have shit myself if we went with some kind of porous natural stone or other esoteric DINC material.

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Holy crap, I remember him!


Just last weekend we were looking up and re-living 'Land of the Lost' (different show, but same producers), because I wanted to prove to Anne that former Cavaliers basketball players Bill Lambier and John Lambert were in it. Turns out they were just sleestacks, not main characters, so it was easy to miss them.

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