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And now what did you do TODAY?

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I helped this guy move into his new place in Mayberry.   

Moving day! New furnitature looks amazing in the new place. Hat tip to @Hopstretch who sold me his family’s old dining room set. My old apartment was too small for a dining room table so I’v

This morning I put the final touch on the silverware chest that Steve and I have been building by installing the insert that holds our silverware set. I bought it from Rockler and designed the chest a

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Did my first gym session since lockdown today. I have lost a shit load of condition in the five months they were closed. Lot of hard work to do for sure in the coming weeks.

Of course you have to book in advance using their app, every other machine is off line to keep distances, and you wipe the machine down before and after with a spray bottle and a handful of paper off a roll. And there is a one-way system. But the good news is because the number is limited to 15 at any one time, you no longer have to queue for a machine!

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I am going to try something new to get back into dynamic headphones. Rather than jumping headfirst into the shallow end of the pool, I am going to start out a bit more slowly. So my first trial of a “new” headphone (my current newest model headphone is an HD 650) will be a Focal Clear. Looking forward to it.

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Replaced the wiper motor in my dad's car. Should've been a 10 minute task since the motor itself is pretty accessible. Except the mounting bolts for it are inaccessible unless you remove every bit of cowling and the whole wiper assembly, which also has some vacuum lines integrated into it too for some reason because fuck you.

Fuckin' Ford. :mikey2:

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We bought a new outdoor thermometer yesterday so I am trying to find a nice place to hang it. Thermometers are a lot like new headphone amps I guess in that they need some time break in before they display accurate readings. There is no way it is 44 degrees here, it feels more like 100. 


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Has it been cryo-treated? I heard that's important to truly get the best temperature readings from an analog thermometer. Otherwise try giving it a few hours back and forth between warm and cold places to accelerate the break-in process.

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First post Covid soccer tournament this weekend. It was his clubs tournament so the team could not say no. One game Friday, two yesterday (including a 1.5 hour rain/lightening delay so got home after 9 pm) and the championship game today. Peter plays left center back so he doesn’t get to score many goals but he has become their designated penalty kicker and scored two during the tournament. We nicknamed him “Vanilla Ice” because he is a very calm kicker and unlike Lionel Messi, he has never missed a penalty kick in a game. They ended up winning their division so now we just have to wait and see if it becomes a superspreading event.


Peter is the one you would expect to be nicknamed “Vanilla Ice”.

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