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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I had a pair of HomePods, and I’ve hated the Kindle Fire TV interface, so I like picked up a 4k AppleTV, a mount for it, some HomePod brackets and some aluminum angle and miscellaneous hardware. Made a few cuts, drilled a few holes and mounted everything to the TV wall mount. Then I paired the HomePods with the AppleTV and I have a much-improved setup on the cheap. 



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Our good friend, Lance's fencing coach and mentor just finished a world cup/world championship fencing competition in Cairo. As has been his record for many years, his fencers medaled! Now through the Paris Olympics he is co-coaching the Hong Kong team.


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Great news, at least for the fencing crowd and our family. The US men' and women's teams medaled, silver...even without Lance's help. The French women's Olympian whom Lance used to train with and bested a few times, took gold. She was coached by her fiancé who used to train at the club as well.  While training in So Cal they used to come over for my BBQ and Booker Syrah.  I truly believe that is what led to their results and medals. 


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Another one located about six miles away. Much better picture, the summer drought is bringing them down out of the mountains looking for water and food/people. Keep watching to the 37 second part. 


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Went to the Pacific Coast Air Museum with the Brits.

Felt the need for speed.


But I ain't no fortunate son.


Heard some interesting tales from the docent present about how they acquired the various airframes, which are a fairly representative sample of American fighters in the Jet Age.

The one with the most interesting story is AF77-102


The "First Responder" lead F-15 to arrive over NYC on 9/11.

Interesting history.


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Finished, with minutes to spare a set of these. 

Kasia asked, of course, why there are two openers on each and the answer, of course, was because this is fucking Head Case. 


and not that I gave fuck all thought to where screws were coming through the front when laying out the keyholes in the back  

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