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And now what did you do TODAY?


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On that note, decades ago when I had to do similar in the U.S. Navy I mouthed the "and domestic" part. Wasn't going to say it having gone to Kent State and well, American history since the 60s. I thought I knew who they were speaking of. Wrong again Ric. 

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22 hours ago, mikeymad said:

I don't think you had to trade in Joanne, oh well 'merica!

Congrats to the two of you. Happy to have you here that is for sure. 

Now we need to you vote, like a lot.... 

There were 3 post acquiring citizenship action items (in no particular order)


* Inform the  SSA of your new citizenship status.

Done. Surprised that USCIS and SSA don't do this automatically, joined up government and all that, but was done in under 5 minutes once my check in number was called. Maybe it's another check and balance? 

* Register to Vote.

Done. Can be done online here in CA. Straightforward. No overt signs of voter suppression.

Found the idea of having to chose a political party strange.


Given that voting is supposed to be a secret ballot, 

And that the "Father of the country", George Washington foresaw problems with them.



Time to read his farewell address.

Maybe I could take the approach of an ex-work-colleague, who, while being a gay San Francisco liberal democrat, registered as a Republican, so he could see what they ("the enemy") were up to. Thus he could vote for the most unelectable candidate in the primaries, and would share the contents of their talking points , or campaign contribution begging letters that they mailed to him, with us. That was enlightening.

* Apply for a passport.

One of the unintended consequences of becoming a citizen is that we are "trapped" in the country, until we have a Passport in our hands. With a green card we could re-enter the country, but we had to hand that back in. So no Passport, no legal re-entry.

We have to apply in person at a Post Office for a new passport, and then wait 8-11 weeks (or 5-7 weeks if expedited) based on the current State Department processing times. No immediate  passport  appointments locally because: reasons (COVID?) But we did manage to find an  appointment next week in Sonoma  (Boyes Hot Springs!) as the earliest accessible appointment - so a day in wine country, shame!

In the meantime I guess we are "stuck" with Hawaii as our deferred  travel vacation choice for now.

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Had the day off so went on a little adventure in the fire-scarred forests of Brookdale & Boulder Creek, CA - a spontaneous house hunt. Mad photoshop skillz there realtor. Like those photos plus general aging and a tornado or two. Did have a nice omelet in Boulder, hung out with two donkeys, and tried on some glasses. 



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