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Boomana's Big Ride (yup....looking for donations time)


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As some of you know, I have been training for the past couple months to participate in 165-mile cycling event from Miami to Key West on November 16 & 17th. The Smart Ride (this is the 9th annual event) raises money for direct service HIV/AIDs organizations in Florida, and what I like about this charity ride is that the cost of the event is covered by the riders' fees and donations from separate fund raising events, and 100% of the money raised by the riders goes directly to the organizations. Each rider agrees to raise $1250, and in my normal, lame, wait-to-the-last-minute style, I am just now starting to raise funds. A co-worker and fellow rider made the first donation to guilt me into getting me off my azz (it worked). The agencies that will benefit from your donations:

Although the monies are split between the organizations, I am very happy to be riding with the team from the Pride Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Here's my donation page.


I strongly believe in this charity event, have worked hard to get from being able to only ride 30 miles without dying to feeling confident I can do 100 the first day and 65 the second. I'm excited to participate and truly appreciate your support. Any little amount will help!

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You guys are great. HC'ers alone have pretty much got me to the goal, but what's even better, since each rider must raise $1250 to be able to ride, you've allowed me to donate the money I'd saved in case I didn't meet my goal to a friend who wasn't going to make it. You also allowed me to leave my co-workers alone for money, and let my two co-workers who are riding hit them up, as they don't have the same good fortune as I do with you. I can't express how appreciative I am.

This is the last big training weekend, and I'm taking it easy (20-30 mile rides) after this. Did 80 miles today with 60 planned tomorrow. It was gorgeous out! I'm getting excited.

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