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RIP someone or another


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I could never remember his name, but he was always easy to find. I'd stand with him and his buddies for a couple of innings out on the concourse in left field every time I went to Minute maid Park. He gave people autographed pictures of himself. "In color" he would say as he handed it to me, and I'd say, "Oh no, that's Ok. You gave me one last time!" I guess I wasn't too hard to spot either. When I first met him, I was watching batting practice down by the 1st base dugout, sitting alone and looking like Santa. He found me. Instant 'unusual hair' friends. Such a kind and gentle soul.


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On 1/20/2021 at 9:47 AM, skullguise said:

Nice story, Wayne.  RIP Valentin, and of course fuck covid!

Yes, for sure. He sure was a nice old guy, so sincere. He told me that he didn't have much money and lived a very simple life. The cost of his season ticket was significant to him, but when the Astros organization got wind of this and offered him a free season ticket since he had become such a legend there, he declined. He said he should have to pay just like anyone else. A man of integrity.

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7 minutes ago, Voltron said:

I remember seeing Hank play but I don't have any memory of seeing record homers or the home run chase, etc. I was pretty young and was not a stats geek. I love this article because it shows just how amazing a player Hank was:


I never was a big baseball fan but my dad was.

He kinda had to drag me to that game and point out the significance of what I had seen.

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