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RIP someone or another


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12 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned that earliier - but my all time hero of groundbreaking scifi, Greg Bear died at age 71 after heart surgery, in November.


RIP Greg Bear

Damn.  I read a lot of what he wrote.


4 hours ago, mikeymad said:

RIP - a lot of people in Turkey (country of my birth)

Condolences x like 4,000.

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The news gets worse and worse for Turkey and Syria. Another aftershock hit a number of hours ago.

Rescue workers are having problems because roads are out. The airport is so full with rescue workers that incoming aid relief are having to wait in the planes on the tarmac until the airport is clear enough. There are those still alive and knocking on pipes from below the rubble waiting for rescue to arrive and relatives digging with bare hands.

Made even worse by truly awful weather conditions

My heart goes out to Syria too - war torn, and only one open border crossing with Turkey.

RIP the thousands who have died.



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Indeed, stunning how bad it was.  I guess in Syria, too, it had been long enough that many buildings weren't at all resistant to/built to at all handle earthquakes....

It also made me think of our old friend Ozgur @Sechtdamon....looks like he is further West than the worst of the earthquake, but just wonder how he is doing....

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