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RIP someone or another


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RIP Leslie Philips.

Some may know him as the voice of the sorting hat in Harry Potter,

Some may know him for his other work.

"Leslie Phillips, who has died aged 98, will forever be remembered for playing a lecherous old rake." 





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2 hours ago, Voltron said:

Which one? Weren't there multiple "Gallaghers" at one point?

I had to check it myself, though arguably when Gallagher (1) sued "Gallagher Too" (2), we were back to just one. Still it was cool to be so popular you could let your brother stand in and make a living for years. 1 ran for CA governor in the 2003 recall.



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I loved Hogan's Heroes so much that I started digging a secret "tunnel" in the field behind our house. I never got further than a hole a few feet deep with a piece of plywood covered in dirt clods and weeds as camouflage, but I still outfitted it with some stuff and played out there...

RIP LeBeau 😢

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RIP Fred Brooks


Author of the timeless 1975 classic




that are both still relevant today for those who ignore their lessons ("Hardcore Engineering", anyone?)


Complexity and Communication are non linear / fungible .

"You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.”

RIP Fred.

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