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RIP someone or another


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RIP Israel "Zuny" Zelitch.  99 years old, he was in the same Independent/Assisted Living facility as my mother-in-law.  In times after his wife passed, and my father-in-law was gone, he was a wonderful companion to her.  She passed in June 2021, he just passed today.

A brilliant and fascinating man, not much for idle conversation but had some fascinating stories.  Also a major part of local Yiddish organizations, and very well known in that community.  Unfortunately he was unconscious soon after catching COVID recently, was moved to hospice where his son (wearing basically a hazmat suit) got to say goodbye.  A woman from that Yiddish community was called and they held the phone to his ear while she spoke; he actually twitched his eyes several times.  Shortly thereafter, he passed.

One link with info about him: https://portal.ct.gov/CAES/ABOUT-CAES/Staff-Biographies/Israel-Zelitch

Karen and I had met his son and daughter-in-law years back, when our kids went to the same after-school program.  We also found out his son's wife was my neighbor growing up!  We got to reconnect after we found out Zuny was his dad.  Karen was able to share some stories about Zuny and her mom that his son was so thankful to hear.

Just a wonderful family, and a fascinating man.  RIP Zuny, you may have two women vying for your attention now! 🙂

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RIP Seymour Stein, founder of Sire Records and discoverer of Talking Heads, Ramones, Madonna, etc. 


Additional names that Stein would sign to Sire included the Pretenders, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Seal, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, Ice-T, Dinosaur Jr., Ministry, k.d. lang, Madness, Wilco, Aphex Twin, etc. 



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Agreed, Craig.  I used to love to pour through my dad's copies of Mad....

To this day, I still remember one cartoon that I repeated to my son.  A kid is bugging his dad and keeps saying something like, "Dad lookit....lookit what I'm doing....lookit, lookit, lookit....!"  And the dad then retorts, "I'm lookiting!!"

Don't know why that stuck with me, but I still use it occasionally.....

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