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RIP someone or another


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Bloody hell. Block! He did a section on Top Gear a few years ago, showing what you could do with one of his more outrageous cars.

But to go from a snowmobile accident is in the same ironical class as Yuri Gagarin dying in a plane crash (aged 34).

RIP Ken Block. Driving legend.

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Jeff Beck dead at 78. RIP to the legend. And fuck bacterial meningitis! Yuck. 

My next oldest brother had a couple JB records I borrowed a lot before he went to college and then JB had a hot record There And Back with Jan Hammer when I was a senior in high school. I stupidly lost my paper ticket to see him on that tour and ended up seeing AC/DC the same night. That was fun and all, but my two buddies who saw JB constantly rubbed it in that it was the most amazing concert they ever saw, Yada Yada Yada.

I finally saw JB live with JP# in Oakland and it was great even though not the same as 1980 would have been. We got very high and required large burgers in a sketchy neighborhood to sober up enough to drive home.

Rock in Peace JB 

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Sudden cardiac arrest is a complete bitch - it can take a fit looking individual out in short order with no warning. Happened to the Principal Investigator, George Fraser, for the space mission I was involved with. Slim, fit, almost a non-drinker. Killed him at home aged 58. Almost ten years ago https://le.ac.uk/bepicolombo/meet-the-team/professor-george-fraser

RIP Lisa Marie. Like George, far far too early.

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Oh crap. Another legend. Saw him and Graham Nash in Birmingham (UK) some years ago At one stage Nash said to Crosby "Play nicely, or you'll have to play with Neil and then you'll go deaf!"

Actually Neil Young was second choice. They approached Steve Winwood - but he turned them down because of recording and gig commitments. So the band was almost Crosby, Stills, Nash and Winwood, 

RIP David Crosby.

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RIP to Lloyd Morrisett, co=creator of Sesame Street


And RIP to Lance Kerwin, child/adult actor.  He was also selling timeshares in Hawaii at one point, my wife and I met him on our honeymoon.  Very nice guy....only 62.....


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