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RIP someone or another


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The woman friend that Freddy Mercury left his Kensington home and all contents to in his will, is selling everything at auction. She said in an interview on R4: "it is time to put my affairs in order" which kind of implies that she has some serious health condition. She wants to sell things now rather than someone else (probably an executor) sell everything later.


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Gordon was a complex one for me.  I grew up during the age of angry punks and metalheads who were reacting against "boomer rock."  His style of music was the least hip thing imaginable around the time I got my first Walkman.  In spite of that environment, I always liked his songwriting and his incredibly distinctive singing voice.  As is often the case, Gordon Lightfoot wasn't actually a boomer (1938, Silent Generation.)  I remember hearing "Sundown" on the radio when I was quite young and finding it captivating.  It was many years (which are big ones when one is so small) before I had an artist song title I could attach to it.  It's apocryphal/not proven, but the lyrics to the song are often described as referring to the woman who indirectly killed John Belushi.  That adds a whole additional weight to an already quite dark song.

Also I've noticed that younger generations (later Millennials and Zoomers) seem to unironically (as they say) like "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."  I remember a few years ago someone posted a graphic illustrating how lake Superior had its own weather systems to reddit and a bunch of users there wrote out the entire lyrics to the song, one comment  at a time.  That's some lasting impact right there.

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