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A documentary about what became the cornerstone of Eva Cassidy's discography: Live at the Blues Alley. The musicians that were backing her up talk about her and the music those nights


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My sainted mother is visiting from Marthas Vineyard, so I've been showing her a few old films.  Last night we watched The Black Cat (1934), which stars Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.  Both men were at

I've had very few episodes with noisy babies at movie theaters, and the few that did happen usually were quickly ushered out by Mom or Dad. I'm constantly annoyed by folks old enough to know how to ac

I'm a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. I stumbled across this excellent program produced by KCET in LA and I thought it was awesome.  

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On 11/29/2020 at 6:14 PM, Dusty Chalk said:

Any recommendations on how to watch The Mandalorian?  It’s not on Netflix nor Amazon Prime.

I'm a couple of weeks into a month-ish sub for Disney+ (just the Disney $7 part).

I wasn't exactly crazy about the first couple of episodes of Mandalorian but by the end of the 2-8 episode seasons, I was sold!

Very true to the Star Wars world and lots of great guest actors and fx.

The episodes are uneven so there are a few that I wasn't that crazy about but there were 4 directors so I wasn't that surprised.

There were a few that really made me sit back and grin.

If you're a Star Wars diehard like me, The Clone Wars cgi series is great for back stories.

They can be very uneven too but as the series goes along (there are 123, 30 minute episodes) the animation gets to a very high standard for a commercial show (if you can excuse the "will cgi ever make hair not look like a helmet" problem).


Anywho, I've always appreciated your music recommendations so I thought I'd give you my 2 cents on Disney+.

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Thank you for that, especially that last comment.  🤩

I haven’t been watching much lately, but do still intend to try-before-I-buy Disney+, but honestly, I’m going through a not-watching-much phase, so will hold out until this phase ends.


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I ended up watching both parts of The Comey Rule last night.  It was really quite good. Jeff Daniels is an amazing actor, but he's about a foot too short to accurate represent James Comey.


Brendan Gleeson is lowkey terrifying as Trump. 

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Ice Cold Murders (sorry, couldn't find a clip).

Great Italian detective series that's free with Prime till Feb 1.

There are 2 -12 episode series and I haven't watched anything else since I stumbled across this (almost done with season 1).

I'm a big fan of "who done its"  so take that into account.

I believe there are more seasons and I guess they are waiting for them to appear on Starz (Amazon says Masterpiece).

Anywho, I love-love-love this one so give it a try while it's free.

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