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The Leftovers


I'm so glad I gave this show a second chance. It is magnificent. The first four to five episodes are a slog. Don't be discouraged. It takes the show a while to find its footing. The premise is weird and the characters start out unlikable. Stick with it though!

Two things I think are done exceptionally well here are showing you plot events that won't be explained until many episodes down the line and the use of music to really drive the big emotional moments. The show is by no means unique in doing these things, I just think they do them fantastically well.

The show also doesn't overstay its welcome. Ending it after the third season was perfect.

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I've read and heard these words till they've become stale. But this performance moved me as if I've never heard it before and gave it meaning. Art at it's finest. 

I struggle to think of anything better acted.


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Just wrapped up season 1 of the Leftovers.  TMoney called it well...a bit tough to get through the front end...definitely not a linear story line.  A few characters beg for a good smack into reality, but overall engaging.  We'll see how the next season goes...I'm in it now.


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