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And now what did you do TODAY?

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Used to be Suit & (Silk) Tie  / Company Car in the UK, when customer facing. Been There, Done That 

Company I started work for had an outfit leasing scheme - for tax reasons. They bough the "work outfit". depreciated  them while you leased them.

You could buy them outright at the end, for the depreciated value. (This was a response to 90% marginal tax rates ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_taxation_in_the_United_Kingdom#20th_century)

Now I wear Jeans in the US. And get paid more.

The previous decade and a half in California seems to have shrunk my suits ;)

Never met a compiler it made a difference to.

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I helped this guy move into his new place in Mayberry.   

Moving day! New furnitature looks amazing in the new place. Hat tip to @Hopstretch who sold me his family’s old dining room set. My old apartment was too small for a dining room table so I’v

This morning I put the final touch on the silverware chest that Steve and I have been building by installing the insert that holds our silverware set. I bought it from Rockler and designed the chest a

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Yeah, we tend to be pretty informal in the Canadian prairies. Also, I get a pass since I'm part time in the office but also part time inspecting construction sites. But really, in a farming community nobody cares as long as you don't go to town with cow shit on your rubber boots.

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On January 19, 2016 at 9:27 PM, EdipisReks said:

Got a shot in my back, this morning.  It has started kicking in this evening, and I was able to polish all of my dress shoes (job interview later in the week, and I haven't decided what to wear yet).  Feels good to feel better.  I don't think I'll get the job (swung for the fences a while back on a mid-level technology executive position for a mid-size local company, and had a phone interview today, which went well), but I'll have shiny shoes and be able to walk, by god!

I'm thinking navy suit, white with grey pin stripes French cuff shirt with spread collar, vintage gold tone Nautical theme cufflinks, a blue tie of some sort, matching vintage gold tone Nautical tie bar, maroon and navy paisley pocket square, navy socks, maroon suspenders, DateJust, and AE bourbon Strand Oxfords (black Dainite sole).  


14 hours ago, crappyjones123 said:

I have had the same one suit since 11th grade in high schools that I purchased From JCP I think. Can probably count the number of times I've worn it on my fingers and toes. Pretty sure my choice of residency will likely take attire into account as well :) 

"Let your resume do the talking. If some place doesn't hire you or admit you because of the clothes you are wearing regardless of your academic accomplishments, then you don't want to be there anyways." - grandma. 

I wear cargo pants or cargo shorts and t-shirts 90% of the time, and sometimes black jeans with a polo shirt.  I own one suit from Sears, that I have only worn to two funerals and one Eagle Scout court of honor.  I am ashamed that I have to resort to nice watches to dress things up, but I have no sense of style or knowledge of where to start.

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I got to meet Joe Biden again, right before he took his wife to the Grand Bazaar.  He always puts on a good show, and is just about the most affable guy you could hope to meet.  Scheduling his visit, on the other hand, is a cascading bureaucratic nightmare of timing and frustration.

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Was offered a dream one year research position with my absolute favorite professor in all of med school. The man is close to retirement as a practicing neurologist so this is one of the last year's he is taking on students. He can tell you which page any neurological disorder is on in the neurology bible and can act it out on cue but more importantly is one of the most humble and down to earth people I have ever met. It's a research position on paper but I basically would be an apprenticed to him and shadow him during any patient interactions in his office and in hospitals. Instead of MAYBE (he is so popular, his office does a lottery for students every month) doing a one month rotation with him in my third year, I get to take a year off after taking my first boards and spend an entire year with him. 

The fellowship comes with a tuition waiver for the last two years of med school so that's a huge help but most important of all, he wears scrubs every day and has no dress code for students rotating through his office! Says he can't think unless he is comfortable.

He asked me to think about it over the next week and get back to him. I told him I was taking the spot immediately. There was nothing to think about :) to which he replied, "you kids get more impatient every year. Im not giving you the answers to the licensing exam, you know."



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Thanks guys. Not too many people apply for the research fellowships every year because the general thought process is that what they gain isn't worth a year of physician level salary. Getting two years of tuition forgiven seems to make it an even playing field in my opinion even though interest continues to accrue on my other loans but whatever. I was only going to do it if I got one of two doctors and luckily I got the one I wanted most. I am still quite happy to have been picked. 

A few months ago, I was in his office when he asked me to go take the patient history for a new patient. Antonio, John and perhaps others might get a kick out of this case. This old lady came in with her daughter and I went in and talked to her for a while. Neurological exam was negative. I came out and said that I didn't think there was anything wrong with her that I could think of and the daughter started laughing. Dr T goes in and talks to her about absolutely nothing. Weather. News. Nothing clinically relevant. Doesn't do a neurological exam. Then writes down something and looks at the file and starts smiling. I asked him how he came up with the correct diagnosis after talking to her about random crap. He responded, "she read the newspaper every day for 75 years and now she doesn't know anything about current affairs. At least not at the level of someone who reads the paper every day. Of course she has trouble reading the newspaper. She can't read anything anymore. You don't just break 75 year old habits because you feel like it." She had kept a diary for over 60 years and wrote in it every day. She continued to write in them and everyone could read what she had written but she had no comprehension of what she was reading anymore. A terribly sad story but confirmed my desire to work with him. 


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10 hours ago, Torpedo said:

IMHO the human brain is one of the research fields that remains more open. There's way too much to be known yet. 

Well some brains (like most of the ones at the former headfi forum) can be read and known  in the amount of time it takes to order and pick up your latte at Starbucks.

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