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And now what did you do TODAY?


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On 9/29/2018 at 10:55 PM, Augsburger said:

Well at least there was no lightening.

I used to have this thing for going for a run when there was a thunderstorm - I liked the drenching downpour (yeah OK - weird). I stopped then there was a simultaneous blinding flash and a BANG, and a smell of ozone. It must have struck very very close to me. I got home in a hurry.

That was the end of my going running in thunder storms  ? ?

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Had a front row seat to Elon's SpaceX rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB. Wasn't really expecting it since I was unloading the car after our fencing tournament and happened to look up at the sky towards the north. The pictures posted on line do not do it justice. Very surreal.

*edit*  My first thoughts when I saw the miles long flame coming from what was an obviously a rocket, hmmm is that incoming or outgoing?

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sympathy is what you give a person when you don't want to lend them money.
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I attended the first interview which for deciding if you are serious about business plan and check if you are qualified enough to take the course. It went pretty good, was quicker and shallow than I expected tho.

Result will be announced in two following days. Wish me luck...

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9 hours ago, Torpedo said:

I expected the pump to be deeper in the well

The that's just the housing.  The pump goes down ~375 feet into the ground.  I didn't photograph it, but at one point the well tech had all 400' of the hose stretched out in my yard.  It looked like it went to Cthulhu's garden sprinkler.

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