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And now what did you do TODAY?


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That is particularly funny, because I did consider 'Helsing'.

53 minutes ago, n_maher said:



3 minutes ago, skullguise said:

How about Baklava?  I know when i think of Steve I think of a German Eminem-wannabe rapper....


Fuck! I was trying to keep my other identity separate from this place. Now it's a secret no longer. 

I guess I should confirm that it's also true that Nena and I are working on a duet "Lokma und Ballons".

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Had three Rio Olympians working out with the club this evening. Lance fenced two Olympians but unfortunately lost to each so we moved his bed into the garage until he improves.  Lots of great experience for the fencers and hopefully they have upped their game after tonight.

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My house was built in 1967.  It has an artesian (not to be confused with artisanal) well.  The pump motor is 51 years old.  Yesterday it kicked the bucket.  I've been without running water for over a day now.  The well guy is/was due here at 9AM.  He ain't here yet.  I'm underslept and overcaffeinated and living in the 19th century.  Also, I'm lucky this happened NOW and not in 3-4 months when the ground is frozen.


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We hiked 11+ miles, which was further than I had anticipated. We reached a bluff overlooking the ocean at the half way point, and Claire spotted a whale. We watched it breaching, spouting and tail slapping for a few minutes until it disappeared from our view. It started raining a little -- the first rain I've experienced in California since May -- although it was not predicted until late tonight. I was wearing a flannel shirt and Claire had on a light puffy coat. In other words we were not prepared for rain in any way. It continued and intensified for the entire trip back. We arrived back at the hotel soaked to the skin from head to toe. The first half was excellent. The second half wasn't. 



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