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    Kerrys awesome mini will fit a FPE profile 1 enclosure. The smallest I could get it: 133.92mm (W) x 172.72mm (D) x 42mm (H) Smaller than Cavalli’s Liquid Carbon in height and depth, and only slightly wider by 6mm. Cavalli’s Liquid Carbon = 127mm (W) x 178mm (D) x 45mm (H) I get my panels next week, I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Here are the drawings. Will share if anyone’s interested .
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    Awesome pork rinds. Great burger (gruyere and bacon), with a slice of my buddy's hangar steak Finished with some crazy fried bread pudding with caramel bourbon sauce with ice cream topped with house made toffee. Oh, and a couple drinks to go along with it. Florence City Limits Les Dauphins Cotes Du Rhone 2013 Such a great night. **BRENT**
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    Last night, but it was good: Beef ragout with penne
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    Thanks guys, I'll do a fit test once I have the panels (should be early next week) and will then post up the final FPE files and photos.
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    Are you so sure there wasn't?
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    You can trim the CSS's using only LV and a DMM in mA mode (assuming AMP board is not connected to anything): Connect LV+ -> AMP HV+ Connect LV- -> DMM (Common) Connect DMM.(+) -> the probe put the probe to the tail of the CSS (the Drain of the Sics (middle leg)) Now you'll have the CSS current reading directly on the meter, and the CSS can be trimmed to what ever current < 27mA you have sinks for (one might shoot a mA lower as the current grows a bit at higher voltage and heat). Trimming the output stage tail resistor to get the amp in balance and DC balance requires all voltages
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    Tommy Emmanuel -- that was fantastic, definitely my thing. He was asked to describe what he does, and he answered (before his brain had a chance to kick in), "...tell stories without words..." (and his brain said after the fact, that that was actually pretty good). So yeah, largely instrumental music, some jazz, some blues, some fingerstyle, all great. Definitely enjoyed the opener, Joe Robinson, too, despite his baby face. (He was a little less country, and did some cool things with a Gretsch White Falcon Jr. and a strat, so in some ways, he was more "my thing".) Insta-purchase (and I did -- both of his albums, right there and then).
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    Nice John! Prior comments not withstanding, I'd like to get the FPE files
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    I dunno John, you do such shitty work... sure, I'd love it if you shared that
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    This weekend starts the 2017 edition of SXSW. As usual, an unbelievable number of cool stuff. So I'm always thankful for NPR doing their "Austin 100". A bin of 100 mp3's from artists that will perform at the festival. Some of these have horrid SQ but it gives you a heads up before the live streaming begins. http://www.npr.org/2017/03/01/517751061/the-austin-100
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    That was my drag name Cinco de Mayo of 1982.
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    definitely could use 2 of those myself
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    now that you mention it, my tongue does taste a bit different today.
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    I too am interested! Good work! Me
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    i started reading "this book is full of spiders" yesterday, and got halfway through before going to sleep. It's not what i would call a scary book, but my subconscience obviously thought so, since i woke up like ten times through the night because i was pretty sure there was something in my room trying to kill me. good times
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    Caps just arrived!!! Many thanks Soren
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    Just pure awesomeness John! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
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    As am I! A really great piece of work!
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    Wonderful work. I'm interested, too!
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    That design is soooo bad, it almost makes me want to start DIYlng again.......
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    ^ I knew I forgot something in that post... disposal of that crap
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    ^ He really should be embarrassed posting the sub-par stuff he builds. He should ship it all to me for proper disposal.
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    Some Hi-Rez yummage: Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions (DSD) and Livingston Taylor Safe Home (24-192) Trinity is even moar awesomer than other versions I've heard. Safe Home is excellent sounding, but for the first time - and I've seen and liked Livingston Taylor over many years - I didn't like some of the arrangements/singing. Still great overall, but I miss the "spark" that he brings to live shows.
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    Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, Iceland. Sunwampta Falls, Jasper National Park, Canada. Hope, Alaska. Sunset at Tahoe Lake. Sea cave sunrise, Cathedral Rocks Kiama, NSW Australia. Corona Del Mar Beach, CA. Australia - The Budawangs NP NSW. Summit of Ha Ling in Alberta Canada at sunrise summer 2016. Loch Lomond National Park, Scotland. Mt. Baker, Washington. Northern CA - Mossbrae Falls. One of the frozen waterfalls in Johnston Canyon in Banff national park, Alberta, Canada. Lincoln City, Oregon. Carson Valley, NV at 13 degrees Fahrenheit. Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada. Zion Nights. Denali, Alaska. Rocky Mountain National Park Adams Falls. Tunnel View. Diamond Beach, Iceland. West Virginia as viewed from Spruce Knob. Austrian Alps. Golden Gate Bridge from Mount Tamalpais. Glacier Peak in Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington State. Rainbow in Middle Earth (New Zealand, near Lake Pukaki. Pombas Islet - Baleal, Portugal. Milky Way over Bryce Canyon. Lake Superior Sunrise. Northern California Mountains. Piton de la Fournaise. Ocean Drive. Sunrise at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. The French Alps. Longjiang Bridge, one of the highest bridges in the world. Worker in upper right corner for scale. Lake Tahoe Minimalism, Bonsai Rock. Twilight on the Oregon coast. Lower Antelope Canyon. Canyonlands National Park. Short Beach, NY. Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, UT. Utah Zion National Park Wide Angle. Click for slightly wider.
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    Though The Lost fleet has it's moments, similar to the later Honor Harrington books it's not really that well written, and can get tiresome and repetetive really fast. I somehow managed to read 6 volumes since my brother kept buying them, but i think the only book in the series i truly enjoyed was the second one. On a more positive note, i just finished the three books in Liu Cixin's "remembrance of earth's past" books. Truly excellent stuff, and both "the three body problem" and "death's end" are now firmly placed in my top 10 books ever shelf
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    I'm re-reading the Death Gate Cycle by Weiss and Hickman. I loved it in high school. It stands up pretty well!
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    For my Parasound. Getting it to bias was like resistor sudoku.
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    i probably used a total of 20 of the caps, and didnt have any issues the KGSS DX would have gone for twice as much on head-fi. it was just the wrong place to sell it in auction format, not enough people looking
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    I made this. It is a usb dac with a headphone driver built in. I made it as I was tired of having lots of boxes and cables all over my desk. Obviously it still needs a case.
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    The Woo auction includes a SR-009 so it's not completely worthless
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    Yup. The main consideration (well as far as I was concerned!) in buying where we have lived for the last 20 years was the listening room. It is actually the lounge, but was 6m x 4m with a concrete floor. So I have the luxury of siting dipole speakers 1.6 metres from the end wall. And I have a listening seat that I pull out and put in the sweet spot. Bliss.
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    I added some LEDs to my phono stage. I used LM317 in the spirit of the original Pass Xono. Wanted something subtle and channeled Nate a bit on hatred of bright blue LEDs
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    Well I haven't tested the preamp alone. I replaced a Rega Brio integrated with the salas phono stage, BA3 pre and F4 power amps. Overall the improvement was very impressive. Much better control of the low end and also a wider soundstage with more "air". Overall the sound is quite "musical, but not the most detailed.( the ba3 is not know for being the most detailed amplifier out there.). When I connect a digital source there is also some improvement so I can say the the phono stage is responsible for some of that nice sound! Here are the latest pics: Dirty psu section with line filter. Dual mono PSU umbilical. The black knob works as on/off switch, input selection and volume control. When turned on there are 2 numeric led displays on behind the black acrylic for volume display. 64 steps Control board for the attenuator/source selector. Remote control receiver on the front side, Cat5 wiring for signal. Salas SSLV regulators, BA3 front end at 30V and relaixed passive attenuator. using vishay self resistors. The control board for the attenuator is in the front panel and the power relay/5V control voltage section pcb is in the psu case. 8 wire umbilical carries control wiring and dual mono DC for the regulators. "gain" is the output from the BA3 preamp, "0db" does not have any active circuitry in the signal, so it is a passive preamp output, "loop" simply outputs the selected source, so it is just a source selector. The two AC female connectors are controlled by the preamp on/off relay switch (10A/250V), so when I turn the preamp on I can turn 2 other devices at the same time. ATM using one of them for the phono stage, might feed a DAC in the future with the other one. Preamp PSU. System in my DIY oak rack (solid oak kitchen countertop cut to size) A small video of the system playing, you can see the F4 power amplifier behind the left speaker. It will eventually be placed in the large lower opening in the rack, but I need to build ventilator to extract all the heat (200W) from those heatsinks. Some sort of undershelf with 140mm computer fans is on the way. https://youtu.be/OpMUCAIiMUY
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