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3 hours ago, Voltron said:

RIPeeWee. 😢 That makes me sad. Will the eulogies and memorials all say he was a comic genius who got a raw deal, a la Sinéad? 

Gosh, I hope so.  The way he handled That Incident, "know any good jokes?" -- he just owned it and took his lumps, instead of whining and trying to PR one's way out of it like everyone else.  And he had such a unique vision of how to tell his stories.  It seemed more important not to taint that legacy than anything else to him.

RIP Pee-Wee Herman/Paul Reubens.  Another good one lost.  😭

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I’m terribly sad about the news coming out of Hawaii with these fires. My family has been visiting Maui nearly every year since I’ve been born and I just can’t believe that in a single windy day and night the beautiful Town of Lahaina was completely burnt to the ground. RIP to those who were lost to the fire and my sympathies to those who made it out but lost their homes and businesses.  


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There are so many regional Buffet-wannabes, my favorite was Pat Dailey on those sometimes freezing Great Lakes (now living the dream in the Keys), Buffet’s influence spread wide, though I feel compelled to keep the streak going and report not being a fan. I do want to commend the NYTimes, “Roguish Bard of Island Escapism” is an obit title for all to be proud of. 

I didn't realize there was a musical...



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I found out today that a close friend from Chattanooga, Jimmy Burgess, passed away on August 16th. I met him through Mensa, but he was a bit atypical of the people I normally come across. He had more stories than almost anyone I've come across, including being a pit boss at Harrah's, carrying duffle bags of cash to deposit at a bank after a big day at Ringling Brothers, stationed in Hawaii during a stint with military intelligence, and he'd always join me after meetings for the after party, which sometimes involved a few, but often involved the two of us going somewhere and drinking/talking for hours.

Most of the time I've known him, though, he was working at a recycling center. He'd often have people drop stuff off which was still in good working order, so he wound up liberating it from a sad fate. He lived across from my grandmother's house, and I had a ~cousin who lived next to him and found out they would barter/trade all kinds of things.

There was a time we were at a dinner and I'd mentioned that my receiver had a channel die earlier that week. At the end he was like "follow me to my car, I have something for you." (No, Steve, not that.) He had a 1200$ Denon receiver that was pre-HDMI, so it was being tossed. The audio section, however, worked flawlessly, and continued to power my Rega Jura speakers in TN until I moved out.

Last year, I had a friend who had been abused by her then-BF with whom she lived. She didn't have anywhere to go, so I called up my buddy Jimmy and he got ready and went and rescued her from a bad situation, took her out to eat, talked and drank for hours, then got her set up in a hotel for a couple days. Today, she's doing great, has an amazing new job where she's even been able to pay for her mom to get two surgeries she's needed.

When I moved out of TN, my house had been a wreck, and all the packing/boxing up/getting rid of stuff that was supposed to be done by the kids' mom hadn't been started. We spent hours and hours while I was there for 4 days working on it, and he kept going over and taking care of anything that needed to be done over the next month while I was 2500 miles away.

He was a good friend, and I'm so glad we got to hang out in July when I went to Chattanooga to visit, just didn't realize it was going to be the last time I saw him.

RIP, Jimmy. 1943-2023

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