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KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread


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3 hours ago, joehpj said:

Changed several sands, and resulted in BC557s fried.:( Suspecting .047uf cap leakage because the voltage of 20K kept raising (~15V) and opposite side LT1021 voltage dropping. Will change all the sands and caps. I think this is the fastest way now for me could thought of. Luckily I still have same spare parts.

How do you guys think?

did you check continuity in rgrds to the lt1021 socket like @GeorgeP suggested? or clean up and resolder the joints before replacing sand?

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9 hours ago, sorenb said:

is that really all you have to say about this build? in all fairness John's build seems like "the best" build Carbon shown on the forum - there has been others fine builds, but not as exquisite as this.

John knows full well what I think of that build even if it is none of your business.  Not everybody gets to print my full name on an amp... 

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Thanks guys.

Insanity, from habit I always raise the capacitors off the boards, but because they are horizontally challenged as well, the flat rubber rings (from a plumbers supply) help disperse weight without chance of sagging.

nopants, you are right on the money, the top plate design is indeed inspired from my f5x. The front panel also has the bevel on either side which also matches the f5x look.


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