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Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back flagship


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The perspicacious would opt for perspex........:lol:


I can just see the aftermarket crowd going wild with this one......

Besides the usual plethora of aftermarket cables, there will be:-

Coloware will have a range of colored covers....

There will be a plethora of different wood covers.

Edstrelow will have a pattern of sorbothane to make these Stax killers

The Hifiman HE-6 crowd will break out different felt fazor mods.

Anaxilus will have 3 different mods to get rid of the echo chamber cavern effect...

The newest mod will be to coat the inside of the covers with teflon to make sure even the sound doesn't stick...

etc, etc, ad hoc, ad addendum, ad astra. ad nauseum...........................  :wub:



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5 hours ago, justin said:

one of my professors showed us some gel like material they had made for space. forget what it was called. it looked like acrylic but was kinda squishy and weighed less than styrofoam. lets use that

Silly, that gel is ubiquitous in California. It is used by soccer moms to convert A cups to double D cups. 

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