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14 Peaks on Netflix. About Nimsdai Purja climbing all 14 mountains over 8000 metres. All in the Himalayas of course. In 7 months. Previous record: 7 years. In the process he broke 6 mountaineering world records. Stunning. One of these massive mountains he did with a stinking hangover!


By the same production team that did Free Solo https://films.nationalgeographic.com/free-solo about Alex Honnold free climbing El Cap in 3 hours. Full thing on Amazon Prime. I defy you not to grab the arms of the chair and curl your toes for that one.

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14 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

14 Peaks on Netflix…

Thanks for the recommendation, CS!

Truly some amazing footage. The parts where they came upon other climbers in distress in the dead-zone are extremely harrowing. What a wild athletic achievement.

I remember when that Everest photo went viral. To have hit some of those mountains at the precise window for the entire year is a testament to luck, but also to his skill and and the skill of his team.

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