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The ultimate DIY? A Stax SRM-T2!

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Finished...   Back plates before I mounted them...

I finally got the last plate machined.  I had to replace the spindle on my CNC and also made a mistake on the CAD so had to redo this plate, but it's looking great now.  

Been busy at work, but managed to pull a new version of the T2 amp board together. I've added separate modules for the active batteries, balance servo, pre-CCS feeding the output CCS and the opto

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That would be the next step, so yes, but only after the chassis part is set in motion.

Regarding the chassis, I met with my shop guy today (I love the small shops, most wont give me the time of day) to go over final costs for the chassis sets. I was able to get nearly the same pricing as two years ago so that is a plus. The first group buy was $1525 for the 2-box chassis set, and this one will be $1550. Time frame should be under 2 months ( will depend mainly on the extruders.

Those who already expressed interest, I will be contacting you in the next day or so to arrange a down payment. Anyone else interested, please let me know by the end of the week.

To recap, the cost will be $1550 for the complete chassis set anodized black with laser etching (there are some pictures in this thread from the earlier group buy), which includes mounting brackets. This does not include jacks, boards, screws, volume knob or feet. I can have some matching aluminum cone feet made (waiting on pricing) and they can do a matching volume knob for $30 with the shaft that extends about 2 inches into the chassis. For those joining the group buy, I will need a $200 deposit, then balance plus shipping due when I have everything ready to ship.


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Is anyone interested in 2SC3381BL? I may have a source, but it's not at a great price. What's unusual is the quantity is high and I have received authentic parts from the source in the past

its probably around $8 per piece

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yeah but there are thousands available. i'd have to buy them all. basically what's happened is the price is high because it's rare to find a lot this big. however, there have been times when I have found large lots for very cheap -- either because the seller is ignorant or because for them selling 8 pieces at a time on ebay will not be worth the labor

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