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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Sitting at the ER. My mom was having chest pains and she and her husband were keeping the kids for me, so we're all here and waiting.While I was pulling up the thread the admitting nurse told me the EKG is normal and they are going to run more tests.She was able to walk in from a parking spot 80 feet from the door so I am hopeful.Will update later.Brent

Sending good vibes you're mom's way.

[i had to edit missing letters, I'm typing faster than iOS 7 can keep up]

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She is in the ICU, but while it is heart related it sounds like it wasn't a stroke or heart attack. She is doing a stress test this morning and we should know more soon. She did say her BP was really high, 190/???. Hoping we can tackle that problem and that will help things. A wake up call is best case.

Thanks guys for the concern. Keeping my spirits up.


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Mom was released today and got home around 6:30 or 7. Her heart is showing up as fine, but her BP was still elevated. She came home with some BP meds and recommended "taking it easy" for a while. They still don't know what caused it, but she seems to be doing OK. It seems like the "wake-up call" scenario is what is playing out, so I'm pretty thankful for that. She's tired, but in good spirits, and I stopped by with the kids to see her right after she got home.

After being on the road for 3-4 hours today dealing with childcare, it's time to pass out and hope tomorrow has a bit less excitement thrown my way.


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Hi Brent, 


I'm glad to hear that things are smoothing out for your mom.  Wake up calls can go so terribly wrong.  I have an inlaw who has WPW Syndrome.  Make sure that any cardiologist involved rules this out (or as a possibility, as the case may be).  


Edit: Wow, that wikipedia article was a little much.  Try this quick link to Mayo Clinic instead.  

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