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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Damb, Jacob.  You've had quite an ugly run lately.


So, I pulled a Colin today.  I went to a friend's new office opening, and she had a raffle with all the money going to a women's shelter.  I bought 15 tickets and won five prizes, giving the last one to the guy standing next to me, too embarrassed to go up yet again.  I won a facial, three massages, and a chiropractic session.  Nice end of a long day.

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I did the opposite of Vicki.


Xavier and I were trapped in the car for 45 minutes due to the other car being on our side. Zoe was taken to the ER, had xrays, and was cleared shortly after I was able to get there. She is banged up but we all had our seatbelts and we are OK.

Not my year, guys... Not my year.



Edit: What happened. A lady was in the turn lane and was waved through 2 lines of traffic to get to a store on a busy road. For the 3rd lane, however, she didn't look to see if it was clear, and just went ahead to cross (it's at a light, where the right lane has a yield to go right, and it's right turn only, and we were on our way to Boy Scouts.)

I don't have any paperwork that has fault, but I'm pretty sure it was hers. I just wanted to go to Boy Scouts, come home and have dinner, and relax. :(

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Sorry Brent!


If it makes you feel any better, I rear-ended someone at Boy Scouts way back in the day. But that's a whole other story. :)


I make light, but I feel your pain. I know what a bad year (or three) can be like. Hang in there buddy, we both must have some good things coming around the corner. Wish you were here for a heartfelt hug!

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When it rains it pours man, hang in there and like everyone else I'm glad to here that you and the family are OK. 


Hopefully a year from now you'll look back and laugh at all this.  Or at least realize that it was just a bump along the road to a better life.


Yup, ditto all of this Brent!

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