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And now what did you do TODAY?


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21 hours ago, guzziguy said:

 Congrats Shelly and Yumi.

Sure.  All you have to do is first institute a state income tax.

That’s fair. Florida seems to have it figured out though. I would rather have an income tax than property tax. The latter gets upped with no cap and I get to pay it until I am in the grave.

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We went to see an absolutely hilarious new comedy at Chichester, in the tiny 300 seat Minerva theatre. Called "The Unfriend" https://www.cft.org.uk/whats-on/event/the-unfriend

This was directed my Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes in the series Sherlock), and had a cast of 7. Including Amanda Abbington (Dr Watson's assassin wife in Sherlock) and Reese Shearsmith (Inside no 9). It was belly laugh funny.


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I was on a Boat 


Past the Golden Gate Bridge 


To San Francisco


Where I had a virtual interview,

Aced a test (6/6) and answered some questions, which meant I was approved to take an oath later on.



Took an oath, which included obeying laws, something which other particular oath takers and keepers seem not to have been doing . ( Sorry ' Liz)


Got a personal Message from Joey B 


But that's just between him and me. 😉



And then with my new cultural sensibilities,

I felt the need,

The need for speed .


And then came home.



Q: Fellow citizens, how long do I have to wait for the desire for an F150 with a rack of AR-15's to manifest itself, as it doesn't seem to be happening yet?

Should I be concerned?

Joanne is scheduled for similar ( minus Tom Cruise) on Friday.

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