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RIP someone or another


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Oh bugger. That has really knocked be back. I knew he was not well, but did not know that he was that unwell. RIP and godspeed SL - I built his first active design (published in Wireless World) back in the late 70's, and his last large-scale active design (the LX521), which I love and listen to daily.

SL's website, a tour de force of loudspeaker design, is safe though - he handed the keys to that across to Frank Brenner (proprietor of https://www.magiclx521.com/ and an airline pilot)  some months ago. I guess that might have been a hint that he was poorly.


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RIP to someone I never met, but for whom I had a tremendous respect.

In another niche-forum, HFBoards (HF = Hockey's Future), a woman named Barbara passed away this morning.  Her username was Fugu on that forum.  She had metastasized breast cancer, and fought for 4 years after it was rediscovered.  She was an early member, one of the most respected moderators & mentors, and from all accounts of her postings and stories about her, just an incredibly kind and thoughtful human being.

Loads of testimony posted in a thread that originally announced her entry into hospice care, and also has now announced her passing.


RIP to Barbara/Fugu, very apparently the kind that makes the world a better place.

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I mentioned most of this in Random Shit, but it is more appropriate here.

RIP my sister in law Sue, my wife Carole's sister. After a long battle over the last year, first with cirrhosis and partial kidney failure, and then with rapidly developing cancer. She died peacefully under sedation in Denmark holding hands with her husband Steve two hours ago.

I've known Sue since she was 16, and she made age 60. Carole is flying out to Denmark early tomorrow to support Steve, who is in pieces.

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