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RIP someone or another


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RIP Ray Fosse, Oakland A’s longtime broadcaster and former MLB Catcher.

Ray’s broadcasts taught me to love the game. His understated dignity and professionalism was something I’ve always admired. He was always a very stark contrast with the Giants broadcasters across the bay.

I still don’t forgive Pete Rose for nearly ending Ray’s career in a violent collision at home plate durning an all-star game that didn’t even count.


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A friend, Kristen suffered a cerebral aneurysm on Sunday. She was only 44 years old. I say "friend", but I really only knew she & her husband by way of us purchasing our current home from them a few years back. We stayed peripherally connected, as my wife works in the same hospital as they do, running into them every once in a while. As well-regarded local doctors & parents to two young children, they seemed to have it all. 

This hits particularly hard, as the anniversary of my sister-in-law Tanya's passing from an identical affliction nine years ago at only 42 y/o, approaches in the next days.

When tragedy happens so swiftly, one tries to make some sense, if at all possible. Often, there is none.

So, in Kristen & Tanya's memory, hug your loved one's a little tighter tonight & tell them what they mean to you.

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My wife's best friend (and a friend of mine as well), Lori Nelson, passed away Friday. We all went to school in music together. She was a character; droll, snarky and funny, sort of like her favorite comedian, Steven Wright. She will be missed.

Fuck cancer.

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Sorry to hear, Chris, condolences to family and friends...and of course fuck cancer!!


Only read about this on a Loreena McKennitt newsletter, but RIP (October 12th) to Paddy Moloney of the Chieftans - he had played on all 44 ( ! ) of their albums.  The pipes have called....

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