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American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

As Season 1 of ACS (the OJ season) was so damn good, my hype level for this is extremely high.

Watched the first episode last night and I can't wait for the rest.


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Watched season 4 of Black Mirror and I'd have to say that they've upped their game!
Awesome stuff that left me begging for more.
Here's an animated short with a similar tone.
Loved the first short film from S4 Black Mirror. My favorite episode is still "The entire history of You" starring Toby Kebell.

What I'm watching now is a bit off, but its hitting me hard. I couldn't stand the remake of the movie 'It' that recently came out in 2017. Im a big fan of the book, and thought the 1990's movie was quite good in its 10 hours of telling the story that takes place over 5000 pages in the book. Most importantly the 90's movie did alright in bringing Derry to life, something that was as important as the characters, in the book.

The 2017 just didn't feel like Derry and the cast didnt feel right, and they were too old for their parts.

But recently I caught a viewing of the refrigerator scene, in slow motion using my new soundbar, on YouTube. Its frightening slowed down. The music just sounds sick at .25x, the kids, aside from the distracting Stranger Things kid, all look horrified and the Clown is just nuts.

During a viewing at the theater I barely noticed anything in detail because of how rushed the story felt, but this scene on its own imo, has some effect.

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Altered Carbon starring Joel Kinnaman -- awesome!  One of my favourite cyberpunk novels, and though I've only watched one episode so far, very happy with the treatment.
"The instinct of violence curls inside us like a parasite, waiting for a chance to feed on our rage and multiply until it bursts out of us."
Saw the first episode. Thought it was a hot mess. Found little to care about the characters, including the lead *shrug*

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On 2/6/2018 at 4:32 PM, CD44hi said:

I found that by episode 4, things started clicking, I am on episode 5. Having said that, I enjoyed the mood/cinematography from episode 1, thus I stuck with it.

Yes.  I just watched episodes 5 & 6, that's where it really took off.  EDIT:  finished it, I think it was a really good treatment.  And I take the earlier statement back about taking off, I enjoyed every episode.  The last one might have been a tad drawn out.

Now watching Fred Armisen: Standup for Drummers -- this shit is hilarious.  Fast-paced/rapid-fire and a bit schizophrenic, but that makes it better.

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On ‎1‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 8:13 PM, swt61 said:


Liking it so far.

Just finished ep4 - really like too. This is how to develop an environment that is both cold-war retro and cutting edge at the same time. Characters you care about, some you probably hate, and those you aren't quite sure about. Keeping the mystery, while dripping just enough substance to keep you engaged.


Also first ep of  "Here and Now" - it's basically "This is Us" but on HBO-roids. Depressingly raw (you've been warned), but promising. I actually hope its a limited run to keep the writing tight.

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