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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I've posted recently about my blind Mother's motorhome repossession with 2 days notice. Her health struggles. And the very recent understanding that she can't do it on her own anymore. 

So my Brother and his wife are due to arrive Sunday. They'll most likely be on the road to AZ Tuesday morning.

30 minutes ago I got a call from my sainted Cousin Rene. As it happens she just heard on the radio that there's a large brush fire, and it's headed straight for my Mother's RV park, and her newly purchased trailer (scheduled to go to storage Monday).

Thankfully she immediately called her son ( my 2nd Cousin) and he is on his way with his truck and ball hitch, to get my Mother and that trailer out of harms way.

She called my Mom, asked her if anyone had knocked on their door to inform them? She said that they just did, but she didn't know what she was going to do. Rene told her that Jr. and 3 friends are on their way and 10 minutes out.

How much is this elderly woman going to have to endure before getting the hell out of there? 

Again, thank God for my Cousin!

This has to be a sign that leaving is the right thing!

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My second Cousin just got her and her husband. No time to hook up the trailer. The fire is too close. The trailer is insured anyway. Everyone is being evacuated to the towns civic center. But my Cousin is headed down to get them and take them to her second house 10 miles away. 

Crazy shit!

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It looks like they got the fire out.

Nobody hurt, no loss of property.

My Mother may even be able to sleep in her own bed tonight. 


I'm hopeful this was the final hit, but still half way expecting a call between now and Tuesday,  about an earthquake, lotus swarm or the Black Plague.

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And for something a little more positive...

The cabinets arrived for the smallish remodel I'm currently working on. Got the kitchen and office cabinetry installed Monday and Tuesday. Was installing two tall Armour cabinets in the bedroom. The client came by this morning, looked at the installation and complimented me on a job well done. But she happened to mention that she was disappointed that the cabinet maker couldn't fulfill the designers request regarding some detail ordered.

I wasn't aware of this and asked her about those details. She pulled up a pic and showed me...


Basically it's just the arches added to the doors. I asked why he couldn't accommodate that design detail, to which she replied that he told her he didn't have a CNC machine.

I explained that if that detail was important to her, I could create that and didn't need a stinking CNC to do so. She brightened up a bit, I called the boss, filled him in, and he told me to go for it and make the client happy. 

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