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And now what did you do TODAY?


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6 hours ago, Sherwood said:

Made some QOL adjustments to the bomb shelter/home office.  It's seen some use these past few days and my wife and daughter were getting tired of sitting on the ground while I luxuriated in a herman miller desk chair.

Please stay safe.  The pictures are horrific.


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On 10/9/2023 at 11:41 AM, jose said:

I'm doing some changes in my toy room. I need to move a pile of amps.... it's a nightmare 😫 








I’m in Murcia if you need to unload a few of these 😃🤣😎🍻🥃

Sightseeing and drinking in Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada. 

Tyler stay safe!!


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22 hours ago, Sherwood said:

Made some QOL adjustments to the bomb shelter/home office.  It's seen some use these past few days and my wife and daughter were getting tired of sitting on the ground while I luxuriated in a herman miller desk chair.

Yeezh, re: making your wife and daughter sitting on the floor.  Yeezher re: dodging bombs.

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Thank you all for the well wishes, we’re safe and sound for the time being and are well-taken-care-of.  We have plenty of supplies to ride this out, but I doubt we would have to.  State has been really forward-leaning about security ever since Ambassador Stephens’ death in Libya tanked Secretary Clinton’s career. 

That might just be the shock talking, though.  

20 hours ago, grawk said:

you seem to get sent to all the prime spots


Would you believe I have to compete to get these assignments?

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Very long term HCers (which most of y'all, TBH) might remember I own a misfit assortment of vintage McIntosh gear.  How vintage?  1969.  Older than me.  For reasons not worth explaining, in 1999 I got two C-22 preamps and one MC-75 amplifier.  Two stereo preamps, one monophonic amplifier.  Not exactly useful.  With that said, I've stubborn held on to them for 24 years and counting.  Today I moved them, and the amp nearly killed me.


Glamor photo of the boat anchor I took in 2009.




One of the pair of C-22s after I had all of the above serviced, 2009.


A bunch of the Mac kit and other crap, hanging out in a spare bedroom, 2013.

I stuffed the Mac kit, plus a bunch of other electronics, into an upstairs closed before I exited the mainland this past January.  It collected quite a bit of dust. 


The MC75, looking rather grubby.  I had a very bad moment getting it down the stairs.  I grabbed it from the closet floor, and attempted to stand up.  I was not wearing my back brace (100% necessary when lifting things these days.)  I could stand up while holding the Mac.  My legs said "yeah, that's not happening."  Getting old is a real MFer.  Eventually I got myself and the amp upright, but at significant cost to my back.  After the above photo was taken, I did locate my back brace (stable door and all.) 

I loaded two pieces of framed artwork into the Fit (not exactly a specious vehicle) and used the MC-75 as a, well, anchor to hold them in place.


There it sits.  Yes, I straightened the damn 12BH7 once I caught my breath.



This is the Fit, mostly packed.  In there (besides all the Mac kit) is a Dynaco monoblock (visible behind the lamp), 3 wood clamps, a Technics SL-1200 Mk II, a Symetrix 528E voice processor (direly in need of servicing), a California Labs tube DAC I got from ...one HCer or other (which also needs repair), a Parasound DAC (still running strong, 30 years later), a Tascam 122 Mk III (the greatest cassette deck in history, I will die on this hill) that ALSO needs repair, a shit ton of semi-valuable fabric items used as packing material, my tool chest, and a giant "Ricky Ricardo" style chandelier.  My (sainted, octogenarian) mother thinks I'm nucking futs.  She's not wrong.

My back is killing me.

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  • 2 weeks later...

While my wife's sister and her husband are up helping their daughter (she just had her second child, a boy!), we are dog-sitting for their dog Mia.  Super cute and sweet Mini Goldendoodle.  She loves her own "pets."

Also posting a pic here for amusement....it's like DOTU moved to Maine 😄




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Last night saw Kenneth Branagh playing King Lear in London. https://kinglearbranagh.com/ from third row from the front.

Branagh has developed a policy of using young and not well known actors in the other roles - and they were all superb. He'd pared the script down from the normal 3h15m to 2h without an interval, but kept the key themes intact.

At the end Lear carries his dead daughter Cordelia onto the stage, and after some tough lines simulates dying from a heart attack and also dies. With only them on stage, the stage rotated - and neither of them were perceptively breathing, viewed from close up. That takes some doing.

Now we have seen some great Lear productions. Glenda Jackson, Ian Mckellen, Frank Langella (Nixon in Frost-Nixon), and the Branagh was right up there. The only slight criticism is that Branagh looks too young (he's 62) to be the elderly and progressively dementia suffering Lear. Jackson and McKellen were in their 80's in their productions and really looked the part.

Now I'm nit picking here because when Branagh was on stage you simply could not take your eyes off him - his stage presence and the force of his portrayal is why he is one of the acting titans.

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