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I'd rather hear about the virtues of $10,000 Esoteric CD players.


The Esoteric K-01 which is the source I have, has the three things I look for in audio equipment, Sound quality, Build quality and Looks, but in the UK it's £15,000. Is it worth that amount of money ?, IMO No. Yes it does sound pretty amazing but if I was able to buy it directly from Teac, I bet it would be around £8000 to maybe £9000, but to my knowledge it can't. This is one of the reasons why I've got and I'm getting my headphone amps from Headamp because they're got directly from Justin. If the BHSE was only available the same way the K-01 is, then I'm guessing it would be $10,000 to $11,000 maybe more.


P.S. I paid £10,000 for my K-01, but I used my previous headphone system as part exchange, to which the headphones were SR-007mk1's. It didn't bother me letting those headphones go because the amp I had to drive them was the SRM-007t and I wasn't impressed with that combo. I've since heard someone else's SR-007mk1 with my BHSE and I'm regretting letting the SR-007mk1's go.

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Hey Tyll,  I am not sure, but I wanted to call to your attention something that I noticed in your video.  You made reference to the T2 and stated that it was designed by KG.  I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that the T2 was reverse-engineered from the Stax SRM-T2 (You probably know better than I).  If so, I wanted to point this out in case it warranted a correction.  Should it be referred to as the T2 DIY?  Maybe it doesn't even matter??  Anyway, now that I've done my part to be "helpful,"  Thanks very much for the review.  I really appreciate your perspective window into the sound of these stat amps.  Thanks again.

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