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RIP someone or another


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Sorry to hear Wayne. Same boat for me as Al, though sadly we've had more suicides than accidental or natural deaths....scary....


That is scary, and seems to be a trend among young-ish people.  


I had lost track of Tom and we were never particularly close to begin with, but it's still a melancholy feeling to know that someone as young as yourself has taken his last breath.

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Great idea for a thread Wayne.


Over the weekend when I was at the Monterey Jazz Festival, I asked one of my pals who bar tends in Los Gatos (which was my old stomping grounds) if he'd heard from a mutual friend of ours Rick Tharp.

My buddy looked at me like my head was on fire and then asked if I really didn't know?

I knew that this was going to be bad but I had no idea!


He then told me the story of Rick's disappearance about 8 years ago. He was a well known graphic artist and was working on the plan to bring the Olympics to San Francisco.

One of the most clever and interesting guys I've know (and believe me when I say, I've known way more than my fair share).

Rick was struggling with depression when he went missing so his family and friends were very concerned.

Then, a report came in from the Cal Highway Patrol that his backpack was found on the Golden Gate Bridge along with an eyewitness report saying a fellow meeting Rick's description had jumped.

Anyone whose even driven across that bridge can attest that someone who jumps from that height is serious.

It was a while before they found Rick's body so the family and friends could have some closure.


From what I gather, Rick was taking antidepressants and rumor has it that he's stopped taking them on his own.

Depending on the medication, this is very ill advised unless the person can be put on suicide watch in an institutional setting.

Can't say if this is was what happened, but this wouldn't be the first person I know whose lost their life to "self medicating".


I'm very sad to hear of Rick's passing but it does drive home a point.

The medical profession certainly has it's faults just like any other, but that decade of study isn't all for looks.

The health professionals in our lives should be listened to and if you get a second or third opinion, follow the advice of one of them.

Medicine and our heath should be taken very seriously.  And the older we get, the more seriously we should take it.

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Darn good advice, Steve.

And in particular, psych meds should not be trifled with -even a little bit. A friend's wife jumped off a parking garage when she got her meds out of whack. I don't even think of it as a suicide. More like an accident working with a really powerful tool.


Yup!  This world will fuck you up if you're not careful, and sadly, for many people it's just a given that they'll be fucked up.  They don't have to do anything "wrong" to get in that situation, and they're pretty much helpless once they get off their meds.

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As if there wasn't already enough reason to be impressed by Adrian Peterson I can't believe he is actually going to play today after experiencing the death of his two year old from abuse by his baby's mother's boyfriend. Truly impressive, Mr. Peterson. I don't know how I'd even get out of bed, let alone play a football game.

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^ He certainly has a calmness about him.  I suspect that it won't fully hit him for a while.  


That was just so messed up.  There seems to be a pretty strong presumption that this Patterson guy was responsible for it and that it was indeed abuse, but they're being guarded with the facts.  I just wish that some alternative explanation could exist that will give Peterson and his family some peace.  An accident of any kind would have to be less horrible to live with than the thought of a grown man beating a 2 year old child to death.

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RIP Lou Reed......


And "some fuck or another" Ronald Greenfield, my father-in-law.




A couple weeks short of 86, ex-stockbroker (until 75!), ex-Navy, father of 3 beautiful girls, husband of over 60 years.  A charming man, a grumpy son of a bitch, a friend to the underdog.


His passing was ultimately a blessing, avoiding further pain and bed-ridden deteriorating existence.  But there's a gaping hole in my and others' lives.

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