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Hurricane Sandy: "Perfect Storm II?"


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What an enormous pain in the ass. Battery Park City evacuated again of course. I sent the Boy and his mother to her mom's but I'm not in any mood to leave. Thinking about adopting a dog and being that guy with the dog...

I highly recommend this.

I am actually supposed to fly into southern VA Tuesday morning. Anything think that is likely?

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Dinny, please watch the forecasts carefully. They're starting to say some nasty stuff about what this storm could do to NYC, especially areas like where you live. I'm now getting a little worried about having enough gas for the generator.

I should have picked up some more gas cans as well,I have a extra 12 gallons & 8 gallons in the generator.

I do have a tri fuel generator that can run on propane or natutral gas .

only downside I never made up the adapter to use with my 100lb propane tank.

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Two of my flights already cancelled for this week. Hoping the Friday flight is not cancelled as it is the only one I actually wanted to take. Not much going on here but I am really hoping the pond in my backyard does not overflow into my walk out basement. Tried to go to Home Depot yesterday and it was a nightmare with nothing worthwhile left in the store so I went to Dick's and bought ammo.

Storm Supplies:

1,000 rounds of .45

1,000 rounds of .223

200 rounds of .357 Magnum

8 Hot Dogs (All that was freaking left)

8 D Batteries (All that was left)

I am ready for the Zombies if they come.

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