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Grado HF-2 thread


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Plus, everyone knows the hype around the HD800 is way more resolving and nuanced than the hype around the HF2..... although, the HD800 hype has had more burn-in.... :palm:


I'm on the HD800 boat, as long as it doesn't disappoint @ CanJam and I am able to afford it in the near future.

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I also figured this was a pre-order and they will be at CJ. Better to be at the front of the line and not like them than the back wanting a pair.

That's what I thought too. I just pre-ordered them. If I don't like the sound, I can cancel the order. Maybe I'll think that they are great or maybe I won't. :confused:

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Well, I was slow in getting my order in (about 2:30PM), and Todd said he'd sold around 50 at that time. I'm hoping to pick mine up at CanJam as well, but I think I'm at the end of that line.

I may have missed the pick up at CJ boat. My order went in at around 4:30. I only bought them because all the cool kids did. I liked the HF-1, especially with wood (as in Headphile). I probably should buy a second pair and find someone to woody and re-wire them. That decision will wait until I hear them at CJ.

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