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Happy Easter Birthday Mulveling!


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Many thanks, guys and gals :)

Leigh and I had a great weekend. She got me some pretty sweet loot, with more to come.

I've done plenty for myself too, heh. Went shopping for vinyl and hit the bins pretty hard this last week - lots of nice scores! Particularly happy to find 3 more Robyn Hitchcock LPs - been looking since I picked up "I Often Dream of Trains" late last year. Also picked up an oddball hard rock album on recommendation that I'm really loving, called "Hard Attack" (early 1970s) from a band called Dust.

More importantly, my 200 lbs of Rogue Apollo tube monoblocks arrived at my dealer's shop on Thursday. They are, in a word, glorious. Both triode and ultralinear modes are just different shades of awesome. Never heard anything like that before, and this is on smaller Tannoys than the ones I've got at home. Will be PERFECT for my musical tastes and preferences - it will play loud with NO compression, all manner of speed, and hit hard as all hell. There's so much info in those lower octaves that I'm not getting presented as splendidly with my current amp (much as I like it).

I'm leaving the monos with the dealer for a week so that he can run them in and demo to other customers (cash for floor models is tight right now). Then on Saturday the dealer will be having an all day showcase of a system consisting of:

* The Apollo amps

* Rogue Hera preamp

* Tannoy Glenair 15 speakers with supertweeters

* PS Audio prefect wave dac & transport

* Vinyl setup to be determined - it won't suck. Possibly Ortofon Jubilee/Winfield cart.

I've got a good bit of work to get accomplished by Friday, anyways. It'll be worth the wait. Life has been pretty good thus far this year :)

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