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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Work went great. I think I'm going to fit in just fine. 

After work, I drove the scooter back to Fairfax, where it promptly died in the 7-11 parking lot. Glad it got me back to Fairfax at any rate.

So Al's tenant Frank (the motorcycle whiz) helped me get it into a friend's yard and off the street. Then when going over the charging system, we found a loose battery cable. Cleaned and tightened up the terminals. It was down to 5 volts, so we put it on the trickle charger overnight. Hopefully, the battery will be fine, hold a charge and work well as transportation again. It really is kind of ideal for working in the city. Fingers crossed and major kudos to Frank! I did have to listen to a 40-minute speech on the history of motorcycles but it was well worth it for all his help. Then he insisted on buying Suzy and me dinner at Good Earth foods, though I tried hard to treat him. No go, Frank is a hard guy to repay a favor. But he sure knows his bikes.

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Swapped out all the smoke alarms in the house with Nest Protect 2G units. They talk to you, which is a little weird. Hopefully they're not also listening -- no mic in the specs but who knows in these paranoid days? Anyway, now have the outside security cameras and indoor thermostats and smokes all accessible on my phone in one app, which I like. Probably would have preferred to use Apple HomeKit as a platform, but the device ecosystem isn't there at the moment. 


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Lance's Russian teammates helped out with a app they built which allows me to inventory Stretch's wine cellar.  I call dibs on the Kosta Browne. :D

Starting to tune up his weapons for this weekend's north american cup tournament in Kansas City.  Much money will be spent buying new gear this weekend so I anticipate i will be drinking old wine to ease the pain.


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