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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Suzy is doing much better this evening! She's up and around. She's eating and drinking and her tail is wagging!

She spent a good part of the day with her Uncle Al. He's all a little terrier could want in an Uncle and more. He's so sweet to her and she absolutely adores him!

Anyway, it's all good news. Thanks for all the well wishes, she's now set to live many more years pain-free.

Just told my Mom about the surgery. I knew she'd worry if I told her before and she agreed.

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This is actually about a week old news, but last Wednesday night I was up in the UK Dark Peak district doing night navigation practice. The temperature was -5C with a strong wind, so about -15C with wind chill. This was with a trainer called Chris from Beyond the Edge http://www.beyondtheedge.co.uk/ . I drove up in the late morning, and we started the exercise actually in the light, at about 3pm. But by 5pm it was dark, and we continued on until after 9pm. This is all to do with navigation strategy and accuracy with a map and compass between places set by Chris basically in the middle of nowhere.

Chris, is ex Army and climbs big stuff - he summitted a 6000m peak in the Himalayas earlier this year http://www.beyondtheedge.co.uk/chris-summits-kyajo-ri/ , he's a mountain rescue leader and trainer, and is an all-round crazy fitness guy.

Anyway, this is sunset. Four layers of thermals and a jacket, and lots of layers protecting the crown jewels.



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It's not something that I've quite done yet, as the official offer won't be until next week, but I have accepted a position at Miami University. It's a pretty perfect fit for my background and education, I'll be visible to the whole campus and, unlike so many academic staff positions, it has a built-in growth path. It's nice being the first choice, instead of the second, for once. It will be a bit of a commute to get from Cincinnati to Oxford, but I imagine that we'll move there fairly soon (Oxford is a beautiful semi-rural town, and Miami's campus and the city of Oxford itself are regularly rated as some of the best places to work and best places to live, in the entire USA, with Forbes having rated Oxford as the very best college-town on more than one occasion). 

I'm pretty excited. 

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2 minutes ago, ironbut said:

That's fantastic news Jacob!

I was just listening to a story on the Miami high speed rail this morning and thinking how forward thinking that was.


Miami in Ohio, in my case. :)

The position is the General Technology Manager for the bookstore system (Miami U is one of the few public schools to still have an independent bookstore, and it pretty much takes care of all non-departmental repairs, along with distance learning, educational tech, new-technology, campus-wide).

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