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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Not today but last evening, we had fascinating eastern european cultural education over mexican food. Learned first hand what it is like to grow up in Kazakhstan and Moscow. It is encouraging that whether it be Moscow, Kazakhstan, Brescia Italy, or Armenia , they all share a common humor based upon "pull my finger". 

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MENSA my ass! That picture says "WARNING" in every possible way! It can't be denied! That picture is future Brent sending you a signal to buy a good book, find a comfy chair in the lounge, by the fireplace, and watch every other idiot fall on their ass! Future Brent has much more sense than present Brent, listen to him!

God help him if he had anything resembling a biscuit this morning!

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Spent New Year's Eve and morning with some friends in Ogunquit, Maine, a nice seaside town we usually frequent in summers.  A wonderful time was had.

This morning, the contrast in temps between water and air was such that the ocean had some cool mists floating above the water.....


Ogunquit Mist 1.jpg

Ogunquit Mist 2.jpg

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Went for a New Years Day walk on Stinson Beach, along with a fair few others and their dogs.
Some were more foolhardy than others, given the conditions ...
But we enjoyed the bracing walk until the fading of the light, along with others taking advantage of the new CA legislation, judging by the aromas wafting on the breeze

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