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RIP someone or another


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RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

BBC News - Sir Clive Sinclair: Computing pioneer dies aged 81




If you are unfamiliar with the man and the impact he had on a generation and their introduction to computing via the zx80 and it's successors, you could do worse than watch micro men.



We'll just gloss over the C5 out of respect for the recently departed.



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This morning I was notified that a dear friend and fellow plowedster died of complications from an infection while he was waiting for a kidney transplant. 

Peter Silver DDS was a gent and funny man. I shared many a dram and story with him. 


I met Peter at A11, my first Ardbeggeddon gathering. We ended up sitting next to each other many times. Early on he handed me a sealed bottle and asked if I would open it for him. No problem, I thought, and quickly opened it for him and handed it back. A little while later he asked me to open another, then again later in the evening. I didn't think much of it. The next morning when I sat down next to him again and he soon handed me a sealed bottle to open. This time I smiled, knowing this was a subtle and fun hazing joke to himself. I happily opened it for him along with several other bottles that day. As the evening session started, I handed a sealed bottle to him, 'Peter, could you open this for me?', I said in a very offhand manner. A big smile and chuckle came over his face. He happily opened the bottle. We were locked in...

Tis a sad day. But great memories of a generous man.

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I'd forgotten this thread was here.....

My dad died over the weekend. Sudden exacerbation of a progressive lung disease. I wasn't able to get there because of travel restrictions (fuck you, COVID), but thankfully he was able to be off the ventilator for about a minute to talk to me. The saddest part is.... I went through all my photos to provide them for his memorial that I won't be able to go to (fuck you COVID), and there are only about 5 photos of him with my daughter. We only visited home once when she was 7 months old. My parents were supposed to visit me over here to see her again in mid-2020, but had to cancel when COVID hit (fuck you, COVID).

In the context of this forum, my DIY equipment holds a little more meaning now. He didn't teach me much about being a man, but he did teach me how to solder.

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RIP to Peter, sounds like a good man to know.

And so sorry for your loss and RIP to your dad, Beefy. Sucks not to have been be able to see him or be there in person, but wish for good memories to hold onto forever.

We were lucky that my mother-in-law was local; everyone was in driving distance and she got to see her family, especially her great-granddaughter in person I think 3 times, before she passed.

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