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RIP someone or another


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Don Larsen. He was married to my wife's first cousin, once removed (meaning my wife's mother's first cousin). I only met him once, at a funeral, where he was a none too thrilled to be a local celebrity - triggered by someone somewhat inappropriately asking him to sign a baseball (which he did anyway.)



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RIP Neil Peart. :(

I was never inspired to play the drums by Neil Peart -- I mean, seriously, what's the point?  He had already demonstrated that he's on another plane.

But I was inspired to pursue things _thoughtfully_ -- he put so much thought into everything he did, that he was zen master/another plane/next level.  Meticulous craftsman.

I want to be that, I still do, and I am reminded of that by his passing.  I will strive to better myself.  New not-quite-new-year's resolution, in all pursuits.

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Godspeed, Neil...  

My first few albums were Rush albums.  2112, Farewell to Kings.  I don't think I really appreciated what they were until later (I was 11 or so then in the late '70's).

I was fortunate to see him a couple of times when I was younger and concerts were somehow more accessible partly because my priorities were different.  Life simpler.  Good times...


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