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Kerry's got a new Co... Eksonic


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Where’s the love button?

Seriously, I wish you nothing but success with this venture, Kerry.  The amps look fantastic and I hope I get to hear one some day.  I won’t be making the trek down to NYC, but look forward to the impressions even if it means wading through an endless thread somewhere else. 😁

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The Aeras will sell for 5,995 Euro and $6,695 USD.  The euro fluctuates against the dollar, but we'll keep the pricing as is, unless there are some larger swings.

We're going to offer a show special of 10% off which I can extend here as well through mid-March :)

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The Aeras was a delightful listen, and it was both both bold and appropriate to have it available for a side-by-side audition with the T2 (and the DIY Soekris DAC and SR-007Mk1 were just the right showmates). The Aeras seemed to lose very little in sound (a little bit of top-end extension/air and perhaps some bass solidity) while shedding 80% of the size and dozens of pounds in comparison. The build and aesthetics were absolutely top-notch for the production unit.

This is an extremely attractive proposition for city and apartment dwellers, or those with generally limited space for a dedicated headphone system -- literally a smaller desk footprint than some Stax amps or SRX-Plus builds while having near-T2 performance levels.

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Some people have been asking for specs on the Aeras, so here they are...

  • Input: XLR – Accepts balanced or single-ended (with grounded RCA to XLR cable)
  • Input Impedance: 50K x2
  • Gain: 1000x
  • Frequency Response: 1Hz – 60KHz
  • Max P-P Voltage: 1500VAC
  • Max RMS Voltage: 1000VAC
  • Output: Stax Pro-Bias x1
  • Vacuum Tubes: 6S4A x4
  • Power Consumption: 100W
  • External Dimensions: 19 cm x 34.3 cm x 14.2 cm (7.5” x 13.5” x 5.6”) – W x D x H
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg (12 lbs)
  • Mains AC: 115/230VAC Switchable
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