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2012 HC Holiday Gift Exchange

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Anyone up for an exchange this holiday season? It seemed like about the time where we'd either start this or not do it so I figured I'd launch the thread...I'll keep an updated list here.

1. n_maher

2. tyrion

3. VPI

4. grawk

5. morphsci

6. spritzer

7. Dreadhead

8. Voltron

9. shellyh

10. guzziguy

11. mikeymad

12. Torpedo

13. bhjazz

14. Duggeh

15. cutestory

16. Dusty Chalk

17. Iron_Dreamer

18. Augsburger

19. nikongod

20. tkam

21. Fitz

22. naamanf

23. jvlgato

24. chinsettawong



Final Pairings are as follows using Random.org's sequencer.


nikongod shellyh

VPI jvlgato

n_maher Dusty Chalk

Dreadhead guzziguy

morphsci Duggeh

grawk Iron_Dreamer

tyrion Voltron

cutestory tkam

Augsburger bhjazz

mikeymad Fitz

naamanf Torpedo

spritzer  chinsettawong

n_maher   boomana


I'm going to double up and take boo the latecomer because tis the season and all that.


Sorry for taking a few days to get to this.

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Ok, I'm going to give this till the end of the week and then wrap things up and draw pairs before I leave for my trip for work.  Any objections?

^Truth.   I like my secret agent / shrink pairing. I'll need to think carefully about this ... hmmmm .... (rubs goatee that doesn't exist)

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