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Happy Birthday Todd!


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Thanks all!  Having a great day so far.  Karen and I on vacation in Naples FL, beautiful weather.

But even more exciting for this old man is that my nephew, married to my niece, has been selected as 1 of 10 new astronauts!  Two year program, and he could be in space!  Fan-fucking-tastic!!


Chris NASA Intro.jpg

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Thanks again....the rest of the day was great, had a nice fish dinner right on the water with fresh hog snapper.  My neighbor tables overheard it was my BDay and all sang to me (and they weren't even dunk!).  I also continued today where I had an awesome BBQ lunch, and went to my second stereo store in 2 days.  It was nice to listen (only in the first) to systems north of $50K and have several aspects of both my speaker-based systems sound better!!

So a happy camper is me.... 🙂

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