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Happy Birthday Al!


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Only now am I seeing Zoe on the cake. 🤔

Oh well.

3 hours ago, Augsburger said:

Happy birthday Al!

Al Johnson's Golden Goat Pure Maple syrup - Al Johnsons Swedish Restaurant  Butik

I'd be reluctant to drink an amber liquid with a label that says Golden Goat. Maybe that's just me?

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Happy Birthday Al,

wishing you a safe ( Non Boeing?) aurally uneventful flight home.

oh, and I'll just leave this here.

"Al is a man.
Al has a beard.
Al likes beer.
Al likes Pliny the younger.
Al likes cocktails.
Al is working his way through the 100 cocktails of the New Anvil List.
Al is a headphone enthusiast.
Al is an audophile.
Al likes woodworking.
Al is a retired lawyer.
Al has been making maple syrup.
Al is also known as Voltron, Defender of the universe.
Generate a Photorealistic Picture of Al enjoying his birthday, *for entertainment purposes only."


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Is that my Alien chestburster or Quatto holding my tiny beer while my beard powers my headphones? :wacko:

Thanks for the good wishes all. My ear is doing very well and I am feeling grateful about that. Penny and I had a quiet day but I went out of the local tavern for an excellent broasted chicken dinner and a couple of Two Hearted Ales. Cheers friends!

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